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We would like to prezent you the band TIME one of the most popular groups during the time of the ex-Yugoslavia. Who, although it is always difficult to categorise the type of music played, are probably best described as a progressive rock band with jazz influences, perhaps in some ways similar to both Genesis and Steely Dan. TIME was first formed in 1971 by Adolfo Dado Topic (vocals) after leaving his previous band Korni Grupa. The original line-up was : Tihomir Pop Asanovic (organ), Vedran Bozic (guitar), Mario Mavrin (bass), Ratko Divjak (drums) and Brane Lambert Zivkovic  (piano and flute), whilst the current band features the original guitarist and drummer as well as of course Topic. The first album featured tracks that made much use of the Hammond organ plus piano and flute. The second had a much harder sound featuring several balads, and the third can be considered to have had a jazz-funk style of production. TIME frequently changed band members and after three albums, six singles and many tours disbanded in 1977 when Topic started his solo career.
The band re-united in both 1998 and 2001 to play a limited number of live shows, and is now
once again on the road !

TIME are available for festivals and one-off shows throughout 2007/078

                                   Cool TIMEonTOUR 2007/08  Cool
01.02.07BeogradDADO TOPC  Indexi u inat godinama


ZagrebDADO TOPC  Indexi u inat godinama


» DORA 2007 «
28.03.07OsijekDADO TOPIC support
 » Bryan Adams «
21.04.07MakarskaDADO TOPC & DRAGONFLY
01.05.07Zagreb Stad. Maksimir      DADO TOPC & DRAGONFLY
04.05.07Ravintola Piano (F)    DADO TOPC & DRAGONFLY
07.05.07Helsinki  (F)             DADO TOPC & DRAGONFLY
08.05.07Helsinki  (F)    Dubrovnik KlubDADO TOPC & DRAGONFLY
10.05.07Helsinki  (F)    
» Eurovision Song Contest «
08.06.07Beograd DADO TOPC  support
» Marija Serifovic «
24.06.07Budva DADO TOPC   festival Budva guest
09.07.07BudvaDADO TOPC  & TIME support
» The Rolling Stones «
20.07.07Subotica  "Palic Jezero"DADO TOPC   Irina & Storm, Paradox
21.07.07CrvengaDADO TOPC   festival guest
03.08.07Zajecar   "41 Gitarijada"DADO TOPC   & TIME
07.09.07Beograd  "Jelnn Pivo"DADO TOPC   & TIME support
» Gary Moore «
07.10.07SplitDADO TOPC  Indexi u inat godinama
09.10.07LjuibljanaDADO TOPC  Indexi u inat godinama
11.10.07Novi SadDADO TOPC  Indexi u inat godinama
14.10.07BeogradDADO TOPC  Indexi u inat godinama
12.12.07LjubljanaDADO TOPC   & TIME
t.b.cSkopljeDADO TOPC   & TIME

Date   Location   Venue
14.02. Sarajevo,  "Sloga"
16.02. Zrenjanin, "Green"
17.02. Beograd, "SKC"
19.02. Beograd, "SKC"
24.02. Pula, "Djoser memorijal"
10.05. Crvenka " Potok Open Air"
11.05. Zrenjanin, "Steffani clab"
01.06. Sarajevo, "City pub"
02.06. Mostar, "Neretva klub"
03.06. Sarajevo, "Rock forever festival"
23-24.06 Crvenka, "CMOK festival"
28.06. Varazdin " Stadion"
09.07. Opatija, "Liburnia Jazz Festival "
21.07. Bihac, " Festival"
25.07. Opatija, "Ljetna pozornica"
26.07. Nova Gorica, "Poletna plaza"
04.08. Sabac, ''Sabaèko leto''
11.08. Nis, "Jazz Nisville Festival"
12.08. Vrbas, "Hendrix festival" CANCELLED
15.08. Brijuni, "Apsolutno sve"
26.08. Banatski Sokolac, "Rock Village"
29.08. Zagreb, "Amadeo scena"
02.09. Pula, "Twin horn beach party"
09.09. Kikinda, "Plava Banja"
11/12.09 Sarajevo, "Dani Indexa"
30.09. Zvecani, "Owerdrajv festival"